Are You Getting Your Gas And Electric Suppliers Discount?

Every business in the world needs basic utilities to survive and thrive. With the persistence of the recession and the constant struggle with competition, keeping the cost down of your utility bills can really change the shape of your business. Depending on the scale of your business you could effectively save hundreds or even thousands of pounds every month just by choosing the correct supplier. Gas and Electric suppliers usually take the largest percentage of your utility outgoings so you should really take the time to investigate and research what your options are.

First of all you should never be afraid to switch contracts to a new supplier. All gas and electric suppliers are hungry for your business and they make transitioning between companies very simple. There are many websites that offer a comparison service between the major companies to find you the best deal.

I would recommend you to look at companies that offer you a dual product discount. You will often receive around a 15% discount for using the same supplier for both gas and electricity.

There are several gas and electric suppliers in the United Kingdom but I would recommend using one of the big six companies to be safe. These companies are more stable, and less likely to impose fixed term contract lengths or departure penalties if you wish to switch suppliers. The big six companies tend to also offer the best rates to both consumers and businesses.

The six big gas and electric suppliers are British Gas, EDF Energy, E.ON, Npower, Scottish power and SSE. If you do not wish to go through a comparison website I recommend calling each of these suppliers and asking them for a quotation based on your current usage. Ensure you inquire about their dual product discounts, and do not be afraid to ask for a price match or further discounts. The worst they can say is No!

If you have a business you can save as well, try business gas electric and you could save up to 50%

How to Find the Best Business Gas & Electric Rates

Minimising expenses on business gas and electric rates can prove to be a challenging ordeal. To ensure that your business earns much more than what you spend for managing it, it is essential to know the following tips on finding the best deals on gas and electricity.

Research plays a key role in determining the best business gas and electricity provider for your business. While it may initially take a lot of time, investing those hours for finding out which gas company can provide the cheapest gas can help cut the costs. Take note of prices down to the last digit and compare the movement of these figures for over a week. Gas prices fluctuate, and finding out which one fluctuates the least while keeping a low rate would be your best choice.

Make use of today’s technology. There are gas-comparison apps you can use to track gas rates from your selected providers. This is an efficient way of gathering and noting data when picking the best option for gas suppliers.

Find time to search about companies which offer fixed contracts that would work for you. If you regularly need gas and electricity to keep your business running, contracts may prove to be the more practical solution on getting your hands on these business essentials. Review company offers and pick the one which offers the best deal in their stated contract period.

Mind the nearest available providers too. Getting your business gas supply from the nearest possible gas supplier cuts the cost on transportation to get your supply. Also, should office transactions between you and the providers need to be done, getting to their area won’t be such a hassle.

Getting quotes for business gas and electric rates for your company business can also help you decide which provider to pick. This way, you have several options and you get an idea from the provider themselves on how your expenses would be.